Our Services

Japanese Certified Public Tax Accountants cover parts of Certified Public Accountants and parts of Lawyers of the U.S.A. They are called Zeirishi in Japanese and widely known as kind of 'Home Doctor' for companies and proprietors and play the role of 'Good Advisor' in Japan.

  1. Consultation regarding corporate taxes, income tax, inheritance tax, gift tax, consumption tax and other taxes, Preparation of tax returns, Assets valuation
  2. Financial settlements for proprietors or corporations, Preparation of financial statements or tax returns
  3. Bookkeeping, Consultation and support for the establishment of accounting system or the adoption of accounting software
  4. Setting up a corporation, Japan branch, Preparation of minutes, Support for affidavits
  5. Management consultation
  6. Payroll, Admission to Social insurance or Labor insurance, Year-end salary tax adjustment,Preparation of Salary tax slips
  7. Drawing up work regulations or other regulations and consultation
  8. Consultation on income tax, local tax or health insurance for foreign residents and preparation of tax returns
  9. Consultation on Japanese income tax for non-residents, Preparation of income tax returns, Undertaking of tax agent
  10. Consumption tax reclaim for foreign corporations on business expenses in Japan, Undertaking a tax agent
  11. Adult guardian, Assets management, Collection of documents in inheritance, Registration of owner change,Administration of rents and expenses on real estates
  12. Financial planning, Consultation on admission to life insurance
  13. Preparation of notifications to or acquisition of permission from the authorities; Notifications to the Japan Bank (pertaining to Foreign investments into Japan), Construction business permission, Real estates sales business permission etc.
  14. Providing an incubation office in our office until you get a company registration or working visa.