Our Fees for Corporations

Accounting & Tax services

(8% Consumption tax will be added, Unit:Yen)

Annual sales or total expenses Number of Personnel In-house accounting Our accounting
Monthly fees Closing & Returns Monthly Fees Closing & Returns
~ Y5M Up to 1 10,000 80,000 15,000 80,000
Y5M ~ Y10M Up to 1 20,000 100,000 25,000 100,000
Y10M ~ Y20M Up to 2 30,000 140,000 35,000 140,000
Y20M ~ Y30M Up to 3 40,000 170,000 50,000 170,000
Y30M ~ Y50M Up to 5 50,000 200,000 60,000 200,000
Y50M ~ Y100M Up to 10 60,000 300,000 100,000 300,000
Y100M ~ Y500M Up to 30 100,000 350,000 200,000 350,000
Y500M ~ Y1B Up to 50 150,000 500,000 300,000 500,000
Y1B ~ Please inquire of us
Spot or time charge Depending on the payment of monthly retaining fee and items 15,000~25,000/1hour
  1. Higher fees either of your annual sales (or total expenses) or number of personnel shall be applied. 'Number of Personnel' means the number of those who receive salaries, or compensations or outsourcing fees that have to be withheld income tax.
    In the cases below, the below amount will be added on the 'Closing &Returns'.

    1) If 'Standard calculation method' is adopted on 'Consumption tax inclusive accounting'; ¥10,000
    2) If National tax bureau has the jurisdiction; ¥20,000
    3) If Gaikei standard taxation for business tax is applied for the corporation which capital money exceeds ¥100M. The amount one rank up will be applied.
    4) If foreign currency conversion is required in data entries; ¥10,000

  2. This fee table gives you some ideas with our fees. Our time to spend for the tasks heavily depends on the kind of your business or abilities of the person in charge of your corporation. If the abilities of him/her are not within our reasonable expectation, we may request you the higher fees. The fees once set could increase or decrease later, because of the rise or drop of the annual sales or the number of personnel according to the expansion or downsizing of the corporation. It doesn't mean that the fees will change every year.
    There is no charge of the fees without your consent.
  3. There could be additional fees for the following cases;

    1) Representations on tax interviews, tax investigations
    2) Preparation of the adjustment tax returns, half-year tax returns
    3) Year -end payroll tax adjustments for more than a certain number of personnel
    4) Admission of social insurance.
    5) In the case Gaikei taxation is applied.
    Usual case, there are no fees other than the fees in the table.

  4. In case of 'In-house accounting', you can use a Japanese accounting software. Therefore, Japanese staff may be required. If our accounting, some bookkeeping may need in-house.
  5. Company registration or registration change at the registry, admission of social insurance, year-end adjustment of salary income tax for more than a certain people, payroll with social insurance or for many people or tax returns for individuals shall be charged separately.
  6. White-tax returns, lumping processing for one year together or if reports to the headquarters or parent company is required, please inquire of us on the fees.

Payroll Services,Social Insurance & Labor Insurance (including Unemployment Insurance)

(Consumption tax will be added, Unit:Yen)

  Payroll Social Insurance & Labour Insurance
Number of personnel Monthly & Bonus payment Year-end process Initial Admission Monthly
~ 5 25,000 4,000/person 100,000 25,000
5 ~ 10 5,000/person 4,000/person 100,000 + 5,000/person 5,000/person
10 ~ 50 4,500/person 4,000/person 100,000 + 4,500/person 4,500/person
50 ~ 100 4,000/person 4,000/person 100,000 + 4,000/person 4,200 xpersonnel
100 ~ Please inquire of us