Tax agent
Foreign people or corporations who don't live in Japan or doesn'thave an address can or have to file tax returns and pay taxes or receive tax refunds via tax agent.
Consumption tax reclaim
Foreign corporations who have no Japanese branch offices and spend business expenses in Japan could reclaim Japanese value added tax or consumption tax if they have no sales in Japan. If they have sales in Japan, they might have to file consumption tax return.
Adult gardian, assets management
Elderlies or mentally or physically disabled people who are worried about future in managing their assets, we take on assets management or life watch. If you live alone, or live with the family but too busy, or because the third person can handle things objectively, or professional person has knowledge and experience or for other reasons, you can designate a professional adult gardian.
The contents of adult gardian depend on your purposes.
Documents collection in inheritance, registration of heirs on inherited property
Usually ancestors have bank deposits, stocks or real estates, which heirs need to register their names. Heirs have to collect family historical certificate backing up to the birth of the ancestors. We take on the task.
Administration of apartments & parkings
If you have lots of apartments or parking lots, it takes so much time to manage rent income, gurantee deposits, renewal of tenancy, arrangements of repairmen and so on. We administrate all these things on behalf of you and report to you.

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